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A Day With My Soul
BB (1st January 1969 / New Delhi)

A Day With My Soul

Poem By Bindu Borle

Conversation began.
Soigné of thoughts, attentive.
Prepared for any question, ready with every answer.
The grilling session between the two.
Cross questioning among the equals.
A perfect mirror image?
Both offensive as well as defensive.
Perfect stillness.
I fail to understand the implications.
Eerie silence.
Then the day ends.

Copyright © 2006, Bindu Borle

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The day may end, but the next day comes again to repeat the routine performance with which the Soul gets accustomed. This is life.
Brother Bindu, if I may. To obsess with the inner dialogue is to relinquish control of the inner warrior. The Shambala warrior which you are. Become that which you yearn to become and shun the voice of ridicule. Be good in your work. Strive to please yourself more than any other. Love and respect yourself more than any other. Let your words be your truth of expression as you have revealed here.
I really like this poem Bindu. I've written poems about my soul as well..........I find this topic very interesting. Sincerely, Mary