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A Day Without Sunshine
AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)

A Day Without Sunshine

Poem By Audrey Heller

Everyday without you, is like a
day, without sunshine! It's hard
for me to bare, for I can't say, I'm
doing fine. Life hasn't been the
same, nor will it ever be. It's so
many years, since you, were
taken from me. There's a lot going
on, at this time of year, that's
celebrated by everyone. I'd like to
participate, but find it difficult, to
join in the fun. When this time
comes around, is it any wonder,
my thoughts go out to you. I know
it's always, going to be this way
and there's nothing, I can do!

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Hello from Cornwall U.K. to you dear Audrey. and thank you for sharing your own trial of separation with us. It is always so hard to bear. You have expressed the feelings so tenderly and honestly. Thank you.... I have recently written a piece about the loss of my brother which you may like to read and give me your comments. Glad I found your page and will read some more of your work soon. from Fay.
'Everyday without you, is like a day, without sunshine! ' A lovely poem on love. 10+ love it.
i been through this and know how it feels to have someone who means everything to you not be there when you need them the most the sunshine fades away... and live in a dark place but just try to think of what that person would want for you...happiness maybe even more ~Debra Amanda Salazar