A Days Day

A change of heart, a change of mind.
As the days go by, each day, its a new surprise.
I'm walking down the streets, Observing the cars stroll by.
I wave hello, then as you know it, it's a goodbye.
It's sunny, it's windy, but what makes today a day.
All you can really do is smile, as the time drifts away.
Birds chirping, childrens laughter.
A miracle in a lifes day, how full it is, more and after.
Now I'm home, whats to do, alone.
But make it something more, talk it over the phone.
How friends could be, but will always be there.
Caring forgiving, stop and they stare.
Today's a giving, 'Hooray' appreciate, its all fair.
Now you see the girls, elegant but fine.
To start a conversation, 'Hello' and just be kind.
She's pretty, she laughs.
We talk, and before you realize it, time has past.
It's night, so wish it all a good day.
But for tomorrow, who knows?
But just give thanks and say. 'Good Morning'

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