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A Dead Girls Truth
EM (13/06/1990 / )

A Dead Girls Truth

How I should have known, should have known so well
That what we had together would fall, and it fell
Forever in my heart, till death do us part
Till death do us part, forever in my heart
Meaningless phrases said to myself
Meaningless words said by everyone else
Love is an emotion I cannot feel any more
Love is an anger that brought me to the floor
The bitter sweet taste of lies and hate
The dignity I lost for you to appreciate
Me meaning nothing, I’m just clumsy with blood
You meaning everything, and I was no good
The machine that kept me alive for my family to see
The lies that you fed them all about me
My life as a sinner and yours as a saint
You think your god, but guess what, you aint
You’re the devil walking on this earth
And your mother left you at birth
All the women that you had, you seemed to of abused
You mentally hook them, they’re mentally confused
Scared for life, memories, bad thoughts
And all those bad things, you had to have brought
You’re not even a man worthy of words
And I prey to god your dead before you kill more girls
You were a crush, a stupid girls dream
And I wish I’d never dreamt what I dreamed
Remember me lying, remember me there
Blood on your hands it was everywhere
Unconscious and cold, dead with pure fear
Your voice was the last thing I happened to hear
And it has drove me insane ever since
If I think about it I only wince
You’re a murdering scum that should be shot dead
And if I was alive I’d put that bullet in your head
Sincerely yours and I hope you rot well
You’re the devils son, so burn in hell

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gripping, intense poem! =]