A Dead Man Writing

A Tanka Prose
for Ernest Hemingway who claimed that
The important thing for a writer is to tell a good story...
The best ones are liars.

at daybreak
Death has a boot
on my neck
the first line for him
I'm a slave to words

Who is really interested in reading your poetry? A smirk on his face.

I have nothing important to write, I say, All I can do is sit down at the computer and bleed. If no one reads it, you, Death, will be my reviewer.

by Chenou Liu

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This is actually brilliant work! The skill in your words is notable my friend
I found this piece of writing interesting, keep writing!
You would be surprised who actually read poetry, Keep writing.
Truly, an interesting piece of work,
...............an interesting write.....and he was wrong we do enjoy your writes...
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