I haven't written a poem in so long
I may have forgotten how
unless writing a poem
is like riding a bike
or swimming upstream
or loving you
it may be a habit that once aquired
is never lost

but you say i'm foolish
of course you love me
but being loved of course
is not the same as being loved because
or being loved despite
or being loved

if you love me why
do i feel so lonely
and why do i always wake up alone
and why am i practicing
not having you to love
i never loved you that way

by Nikki Giovanni

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Nice creation 09/03/2018
A lovely composition, beautiful description fused with rare warmth.
that's a very good poem
Nice poem I like it very much
Beautiful, deep, captivating sun...in thy gorgeous urn...bloom, and flower to burn Statement about the past, abandonment, and change Fully descriptive Brings attention to the ideal of living completely in the present moment, cherishing with total mindfulness, thankfulness, and grace.
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