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A Dead Spirit
JR (1991 / missouri)

A Dead Spirit

Poem By jesica reeder

my sweet dear david
my lover, friend
yet my molester, rapper and death hunter
he haunghts i am asleep
he tortures me to grief
he is here 24/7
no matter how hard you try to stop him, he comes back
like a little puppy cerious for your attension
he loves me
he loves me not
he cares yet hes so damned fucked up
hes 18 im 14
there is one thing that seperates us
hes dead
im not yet

he was murdered by a fourteen year old when he was eight
now, he is back
to get payback
i look like her, now im haunted
youre notbe glad
nothing is supprising when he emotionally breaks me down and wants me to die

if youre like me, e-mail me. flamzchick@yahoo.com

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Comments (3)

Sent a shiver down my spine... i love poems that do that, its great... but id still rather not remember it... thanks! Athena *** words will change the world ***
A scary poem Jessica. Very interesting and well done. Thank you.
Very creepy poem Jessica. It's a real talent to be able to write stuff that can freak people out. Nice job. (I will try not to think of this poem before I go to bed.) :) Sincerely, Mary