A Deadly Dream

Poem By Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A little while ago I was among them
Smiling, talking and calling the life pleasure,
I remember a twinge of pain in my chest
And then it was dark all around,
I heard my loving ones crying and wailing,
People asked one another, 'What happened to him? How did he die? '
Somebody replied, 'It was a heart attack.'
Somebody said,
'It was so sudden that we could do nothing.'
There was a lot of hustle and bustle around,
After sometimes I was given a warm bath
And they wrapped me in the shroud,
But I didn't feel any suffocation,
It reminded me of something
When I was alive, I couldn't sleep covering my face
for the fear of suffocation,
Now it could hurt me no more.
I felt I was being carried away on the steal,
People were enchanting sacred verses,
They buried me with heavy hearts
And returned their homes.
Suddenly I woke up by the gentle pat of my wife,
She was standing beside my bed saying, 'Wake up darling, the day has advanced.'

Comments about A Deadly Dream

Perfect reminder of how our lives are fragile and how close the end is, though we usually tend to forget this fact..
Wow! Great poem. You've presented very nice poem in lovely words to describe a dream that has been broken.

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