Life On Hold

As your dreaming one night,
a voice speaks to you telling
you this, 'Look at yourself
from the outside, step out of your
body and take a look.'

'What do you see? Put your life on
pause and look around of what
you have become, click the re-wind
button of your life, stopping here and there,

playing some parts, passing others by.
Now fast foreward to the present,
look at your self the way others do.

Are there changes you can make, I do
think you can do better, so why
don't you give it a try.'

Waking up, you look around the room,
you're all alone, still you wonder,
tomorrow changes you will make.

wrote 4-12-07

by jim foulk

Comments (4)

very insightful, I had never thought of god in that way before. Thanks for sharing.
Very compassionate, it brings to the surface a lot of emotions. I also enjoyed the style of this piece. L&T
A beautiful poem, so full of compassion. Thank you for your comments on my sonnet. Yes I do know about that line and yet every time I start to write the ‘For’ on the beginning, I read it and say, “Ah, leave it, I like it so much better without.” So I guess I’ll just have to field the comments. Glad you liked it, hope you read more. Adeline
Beautiful poem that you devised here, and stunning too. If we could only give onto others what they don't have. That would just be a wonderful thing to do. EXCELLENT! ! !