A Dear Friend (Sandra Feldman)

I have a dear friend on this site who
I appreciate so very much.
I often bother her too much and as I usually do,
I ramble on more than I should,
but she shows me patience and that makes me feel good.

I'm not a good man and I know that is true,
I've caused problems and once lost my temper
and used language and attitude quite blue.
Yet after time and with a poem I apologized
and she loved it too.
I assume she still does and I really hope
because I put my heart in it's soul.

Sandra Feldman is a good friend to me,
like so very few out there she listens to me,
doesn't mock me or get mad when I talk about Kira too.
That means more than she can ever know.
She reads my poetry and likes it too,
something not done or received from many by me,
I thank you Sandra you're a true friend to me.

Sandra's poetry is so beautiful, striking,
and truly heart and soul touching.
It's one of the very few things that keeps me coming back.
She respects me just as I do her,
Sandra is a true friend and I'm happy to have her.

Sandra you have a beautiful heart and soul,
you've been there for me and I will always be here for you.
I'm not a good person or man but you treat me equal
and that means more that you can ever know.
Sandra you're my friend and I hope you like my poem,
I apologize for those things I did wrong.
Thank you so much and God bless your heart.
Sandra you're a great friend and I thank you so much.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (10)

Great poem
Thank you all for your comments on this poem and is from true sincerity in my heart for a wonderful poet and kind caring lady.
I, too, consider Sandra a friend. She always has kind comments about my poems and I really enjoy reading her poetry. Nice tribute. Well written.
A beautiful dedication to remarkable woman. I too adore Sandra and love reading her poems covering many topics. She reminds me of life and to live. Never blame yourself for what is done for we all have done wrong somewhere in our lives. Thank You
A sincere apology and a lovely tribute indeed
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