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A Death And A Transformation
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A Death And A Transformation

Poem By Valsa George

For centuries I waited to be born
May be at the ripe time my seed was sown
But in a hostile soil, I smelt treason
It baffled my ken of simple reason

Yester night I died a martyr’s death
Tonight I got buried on the heath
Tomorrow, breaking all manacles that bind
I shall liberate myself from Death’s sinister grind,

Myself for safety, into the opposite sex bound
To live thereon, a princely life unbound

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Comments (17)

It is a great write in sympathy of all hapless victims of female foeticide and infanticide. So touching and impressive. Beautiful poem shared amazingly.10
A soul stirring poem on female foeticide and infanticide....we all should voice loud our opposition....you have done it so touchingly and thought provokingly Valsa...great work
Seed of love and life! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A deep and thoughtful poem and becomes very impressive when turn our thinking towards female foeticide and infanticide.
Riff on Valsa George’s Provocative Poem: DEATH AND TRANSFORMATION; Apparently I died on a bus, The EMTs made quite a fuss; One minute sitting with all my bundles, The next minute the sky began to tumble And then imagine my surprise, I was reborn a male And between my thighs Was a hose, a tube, a yank of skin, What crude madness was I i I was a male with a foreskin What transgressions, what unwashed sin Had I committed in my female life That now a moel stood there with a knife; And, of all things, I was to circumsized, This came as a shock, a complete surprise; The man was going to cut my penis I, a girl with the breasts of Venus.