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A Death From Within.
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

A Death From Within.

Poem By Not Long Left

in warm oblivious solitude,
night forever came,
fading vibrations dimmed,
our lives would never be the same.

never did i see your face,
never did i see your smile,
never did i hold your little hands,
but for a while,
you were you.

you emerged from within,
and died from within,
once three hearts beated,
now just two,
never did we meet,
but i shall forever miss you.

and although i will never,
ever stroke your little head,
or place you lovingly in your,
perfect wooden bed.
memories shall remain,
of the little time,
you spent with mum,

somewhere you are sleeping,
on fluffly warm white clouds,
and we are smiling right back,
with the love only parents know.

(in memory of the child that never came to be)

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Comments (7)

That was beautifully constructed poem :) I wrote something similar in my poem stillborn. Preets
Vincent- I am an OB/GYN nurse and I know what you are going through, at least from the parent's perspective, we see it all the time, and it is totally devestating. My heart goes out to you. Beautiful, sad, tender poem. It helps to put it down on 'paper'. Linda
God Vincent, I am so sorry but what a lovely writing...regards......willow
I seriously am crushing on this poem its wonderful
I think it is beautifull. Infact very beautyfull.