(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Death Notice

A letter from a friend
arrived today.
Tidbits of news,
the local flood
and all results
of football matches.

A clipping fell
from in between
the pages,
it caught my eye.

And it was you,
my friend
of old,
we could not ever
forget you,
named Robert.

It took some time
for printed matter
to reach the shores
of my small island.
But I am happy
that it has
now landed.

And now I sit
and plan
the trip,
that was not on

We need to
have a talk
at your new home.

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Comments (5)

A sad thing when friends pass on. Nicely written. KK
It is hard to lose dear friends young or old. You did very well in writing about it.
The sadness of losing a friend is unfortunate but I commend you in writing so well about it.
Thank YOU, Andrew for also taking the trouble of reading the other poem. It is great and very much appreciated to get competent feedback such as this. Best H
Andrew, look at my poem 'The End Of Robert'. He was a very good friend and died in Feb of this year. Actually was killed by modern medicine. I just today received his death notice as a newspaper clipping. Thanks for your comment. H