A Decision

A decision made
after long years of doubt.
Killed off inside.
life’s pleasures locked out.

Moods, deep and dark,
no relief, on edge.
Sleep a blessing,
waking, the cliffs edge.

Years, and more years
Please, why can't it end?
These feelings, more thoughts,
why can’t I mend?

A dream, magic,
thoughts come that are new.
Miracle, or a trick,
not a cure?

Another day.
Long and with some hope.
Feelings, now felt,
I begin to cope.

Weeks come and go.
Free, states of mind range,
from bad to good.
I welcomed the change.

It was worth it?
Can I believe it?
A decision, yes,
I was right to quit.

by Susan Alldred Lugton

Comments (4)

ohhhhh! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i can some how relate to this sad poem..........well penned..
good poem **hugz cc**
Susan, simple and indeed effective. Rgds, Ivan
Hi I think it is a very simple yet wonderful poem.good job