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A Dedication
AB ( / Philippines)

A Dedication

Poem By alejandro bernardo

And this poem of the heart now I write for you
To thank you for the memories we share through
You’re someone who touches my life that others can’t do
You’ve painted my world with new and different hue.

Dreams that I dream, you have given flesh
In my saddest times, you offered caress
In my darkest moments you reminded me I am blessed
When I am at my lowest you scaled me to the crest

Rivers may die, run out of water and cease to flow
My love for you incessantly will grow
The tiniest that creep would even show
You are part of me, and that you must know.

If ever you desire to go and leave
I will still treasure the time you and I weave
You may be far, farther than I conceive
You’ll always be remembered in the afterlife, believe.

Every dropp of rain that the heaven rolls
Every bird in the morning that sweetly calls
Every living creature that joyfully crawls
Would remind me of you, winters and falls

Let the world finally see and hear
That you are loved and to me so near
Now that my heart and life’s end is clear
Thank you for coming, you are truly dear.

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Comments (3)

To his beloved friend.
To whom is the poem dedicated? I need your answer.
To whom is the poem dedicated?