A Deep-Sworn Vow

OTHERS because you did not keep
That deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;
Yet always when I look death in the face,
When I clamber to the heights of sleep,
Or when I grow excited with wine,
Suddenly I meet your face.

by William Butler Yeats

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There are some really great comments about this poem and its author below- they are intelligent and profitable and very probing in some cases.
so good. nice to read this
This poem is related to another one of Yeats called Speech After Long Silence. Together, they are book-ends for his youth and old age, and reflect his lifelong fascination with Maud Gonne. Without any biographical notes, they remain beautiful.
His friends have betrayed him and his wife was his only escape. i think
one of the most beautiful love poems I've ever read
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