A Deep Werewolf Dream

I'm howling at the moon
Always searching for you
I know you’re in the night
Wanting to taste and bite

Moving through the forest
With a dangerous quick speed
Looking, searching through the crimson night
Can you hear me calling?

Could this be possible?
Or could it be our fate
Are you my nightmare?
Or my one true mate

The moon shining on me from above
Showing a way from me to you
Such a feeling of magic embraces me
Is this what it feels like to be near you?

Such warmth, such love
Makes me want howl
The trees start to move back and forth
Pushing me to you, will you come too?
As silky grass rub against my feet

So hurry and find me
And use the moon
And hear my call howl
Follow my love and listen to the tune

Follow my love
Follow me
Straight to the full moon

by tierra fisher

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Comments (4)

This is going to sound biased, but since the werewolf is my favorite creature, I must give you such a high amount of Kudos on this brilliant piece! ! Having written quite a bit about the beast myself, you know as well as I do that it cannot be tamed. :)
a werewolf love story is just..the cherry on top C: good poem.
Wow what a great story and one that alot of people are into now the werewolf theme. I think you did a marvelous job pulling it off.
I gave this my normal top score of 9. I thought this was most creative and demonstrated an ability to take an imaginary vision and make it come alive. The writing was superb. You truly have ability. GW62