*600 A Letter From God

How much I love and care for you
I watched over you all through today
And all the day before too
Each evening I gave you a sunset
And cool evening breeze for your rest
I long for you to speak to me
I hope you're not like the rest.
Most of my highest creation
Seem too bsy to bother with me
They accept all my love and salvation
All the things I provide them for free
I bathe you with moonlight - while you
Are asleep - and all of my promises keep.

Last week when you were sad and low
I sent Angels to watch over you
The lady who comforted you at your desk
And the young man who helped you
Restart your car - He was my Angel too.
I made the earth for you to enjoy
The blue of the sea and the sky
The green of the grass and the leaves
The gardens so lovely - as you pass by
The burden of stess it relieves.
The scent and the hue of the flowers in the park
The songs of the birds in the trees
The dove and the thrush - the bluebird and lark
To bless you - I created all these.

I don't ask for cathedrals - full of stained glass
I don't need vast organs and choirs
Mosques or temples or mystical shrines
Churches with bells and towers and spires.
Mt Spirit does not dwell in buildings
Or idols of wood or of gold
My Spirit dwells in the heart of man
My Lambs who've come into My Spiritual Fold.
If only you knew just how much I love you
My love is much deeper than oceans
My love is much higher - beyond the blue sky.
Unlike human love my love is eternal
Ever faithful and present - and my love for you
Is steadfast and true - my love never will die.


by John Knight

Comments (4)

Excellent work by an excellent poet of the world .
The master revealed his intent to paint, Tears came in eyes of the devil formed, Said he, “Oh! Master it is a matter of woe, You sketched me an angel thirty years ago.” Verily, man is a combination of Angel and devil..........10 I invite
A very dark and excellently written poem. Brilliant! One of the best poems i have read in a long time
this one gave me chills... The story you weave here is very powerful. This fine work deserves a 10. Lesa