A Deliberate Fostering Of The Inward Tendency Of The Soul

The mystic way has been
a progress, a gowth in love.

It is a deliberate fostering
of the inward tendency of the soul
towards its source, an eradication
of its disorderly tendencies
to temporal goods.

But the only proper end
of love is union: a perfect
togetherness of the lover
and the loved.

It is not an act but a state.
Fresh life is imparted by which
our lives are made complete.

by Genova Maaa my mother

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The mystic path is advancement, a magnification of love for the divine. It is a calculated, conscious cultivation of the inclination of the soul towards 'The Source', with a wiping out of all its attraction to non-spiritual matter. This love culminates in the union of the soul with the divine, the ideal inseparability of the lover and the beloved. It is not an act of union but a frame of mind whereby new life is given by which our lives are made all embracing and fulfilled.