A Demigoddess Walks In Diabolic Street

I call you sister as I have a sister of your age.
An Eye-opener; The eye-catching lass seems to be an apprentice.
The dusk falls and in the sky I see birds fly to their roosts.
Sun too lazily drowns in the sea.
You started your career as a novice in this late evening.
In your spring you have to devote for love and enjoy your life.
But you never find it in this thorny path.
And it prickles your soft barefoot.
The street is forbidden for saintly souls and these enigmatic people instead of love they give you sicknesses.
I know that you have immeasurable burdens and my song won’t solve your problems.
Anyway I have a small word with you my dear
Try to catch a poor king and live happily together.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (6)

I love the title and the sentiments. What is she an apprentice of?
Some amazing sentiments displayed, all by a fine writer of words MERRY CHRISTMAS Love duncan X
Great, as usual........ Ranjith
Wonderful imagery in this sensitive portrayal of a woman who is living dangerously. Write on, Nimal. Warm regards, Sandra
Good work, Nimal.Your range is overwhelming. TO
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