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A Democratic Society?
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A Democratic Society?

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Someone once told me
'It's a human right to speak your mind'
But if you pay a fee
It's easier, you'll find

And I have heard that democracy
is the way in wich we rule our land
Yet somehow hypocracy
is a word closer to hand

When you speak of freedom
in this world did you think through?
Did you realize that to some
that would not seem quite true

Did it ever cross your mind,
go through those gray cells of yours,
that the world you live in
Can't be a private force?

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Comments (5)

thought provoking and intuitive..u have done a da vinci code on this..perfectly! u amazing! outstanding poem
Democracy is a state of mind, but it must be the state of mind of not only the citizens, but the rulers. Often, those who rule forget this fact. Nice, thought provoking poem.
democrazy(c) has a certain vulnerbility to it, very exploitable, i believe your poem captures what is a serious topic globally as well , all these signs to think about
I believe you have to learn to speak your mind And not be afarid to do so
Agnes, you are right - democracy is a state of mind, not a state of being. It only exists if you believe it does... Rgds, Ivan