A Descendant Of The Irish

A descendant of the Irish blue eyes and shoulder length hair of brown
Yet she has never seen Hibernia's shore or her great Grandparents Hometown
Or the ruins of their stone cottage beside the purling rill
That ever flows to the river from it's birthplace by the hill.

A beautiful young woman she has just turned twenty three
Though with Celtic blood in her as Aussie as can be
She has travelled in India and been in Japan
And at present in her life she has a young man.

A songwriter singer with a beautiful voice
There is none to compare with the talented Joyce
The life of every party her type are so rare
Friendly and unconceited and unshackled by care.

A descendant of people from a distant shore
But Joyce is an Aussie an Aussie to the core
Unpretentious and carefree and one free of guile
With the warmth of Australia in her beautiful smile.

by Francis Duggan

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