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A Descriptive Poem On The Silvery Tay
(1830 - 1902 / Edinburgh / Scotland)

A Descriptive Poem On The Silvery Tay

Poem By William Topaz McGonagall

Beautiful silvery Tay,
With your landscapes, so lovely and gay,
Along each side of your waters, to Perth all the way;
No other river in the world has got scenery more fine,
Only I am told the beautiful Rhine,
Near to Wormit Bay, it seems very fine,
Where the Railway Bridge is towering above its waters sublime,
And the beautiful ship Mars,
With her Juvenile Tare,
Both lively and gay,
Does carelessly lie By night and by day,
In the beautiful Bay
Of the silvery Tay.
Beautiful, beautiful silvery Tay,
Thy scenery is enchanting on a fine summer day,
Near by Balnerino it is beautiful to behold,
When the trees are in full bloom and the cornfields seems like gold -
And nature's face seems gay,
And the lambkins they do play,
And the humming bee is on the wing,
It is enough to make one sing,
While they carelessly do stray,
Along the beautiful banks of the silvery Tay,
Beautiful silvery Tay,
Rolling smoothly on your way,
Near by Newport, as clear as the day,
Thy scenery around is charming I'll be bound...
And would make the heart of any one feel light and gay on a fine summer day,
To view the beautiful scenery along the banks of the silvery Tay.

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Comments (4)

how beautifully describe.excellent.thanks a lot
I feel like an old grouch saying this... but it didn't stir me. Maybe I am just having one of those days when I am just not receptive. It seems like he was trying for an uplifting gay and happy tone- but I could not achieve lift-off.
Thy scenery around is charming I'll be bound... wonderful lines...10
Nicely writen poem I like it so much