Oh Love Be Here Still

Oh love be here still
Though summer has gone away
Give a heart to fullfill
In your love and new day
For life is here still singing
Deep inside my heart
And new hope out bringing
From what has depart

Oh love now you are free
From sickness and sorrow
But in my heart and me
You still have your glow
And dreams that we found
Shall fulfill every day
For you are still here around
In each of my own way

Oh love I have missed you
So much and your heart
For you were always so true
In what your life did start
Though still I can find you
In everything you left behind
I wished we together could do
What new days might find

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (7)

Very expressive and an engaging write. Thanks for sharing.
Where neither one makes victim the other, Nor playfully breaks the brittle hearts, Nor does cast fear holding the fatal guns Verily, nicely envisioned, a lovely poem that should realize.......10
There is a word Mun/Man i dont find proper replacement of this word in english. It is more faster than light. we may flap its wing and reach to our destination.
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Words pouring out from the soul, a truncated part of the soul clamouring to unite with the One and the only ONE that knows no boundaries, no color or creed, that has spreadout itself into the stars, the Sun, the Moon, the beauteous mountains, oceans, landscapes, sweet waters of the rivers, colorful blooming flowers and forests and the beautiful fauna. Your poem transported me to the eternity and infinity for a while but then the body drags me back. Hey Shanazar, this one poem alone is sufficient to make you immortal as a poet. Allah has sent you to sing songs of eternity. Don't give up. CP
wow! ! this is really nice........well done
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