A Despot Is Born Every Day

The World would be better without them that does not seem a harsh thing to say
For on a Planet of billions of people a despot is born every day
A despot who will seize power at all costs and rule in an autocratic way
And those brave enough to oppose him with their lives they surely will pay,
In a World of far too many despots there is only suffering and pain
They are people without compassion their birth not humanity's gain
To cause the deaths of millions of people is not any great claim to fame
In history they live not for any good they did but only for their lives of shame,
Free speech is a thing that they fear most and those with them who disagree
Will be put to death or imprisoned and from them cannot expect sympathy,
Their so called soldiers murder women and children their victims lay in a mass grave
About them there's plenty to dislike and about them there is nothing brave
And in a World where there is so much suffering and where millions are born every day
One despot is born from one woman and that does seem a sad thing to say.

by Francis Duggan

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