A Destiny's Highway

Since from your life,
I stubbornly departed,
Your craggy face,
Was perennially creased
With a simulated half smile…
It is the trace of time,
And you should know,
That my feelings for you
Turned like dried leaves
Carried away by the turbulent wind…
My once tender caresses
Spreading like a wildfire,
All over your shaking body
Are now, sadly, forever gone,
It is time for me to sing a new song…
My rejuvenated heart,
Still as soft as cotton,
And my mind as strong as steel,
Have set new boundaries
For me, patiently to follow…
No more tears or heartfelt pain,
Or desperately looking for you
Through the dusty hills
Or my own shadow or dreams…
Now, seeing things in different ways,
And going at my own pace,
To cast a new and brighter light,
Through destiny's highway...

©All Rights Reserved-2010

by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (9)

nice writing. Carry on down life's highway. Tomorrow will be brighter
Yup yup I feel like that about my x lol
Romeo... this leaves me speechless... your prose is absolutely beautiful... it moves my soul. I'll be back to read a lot more. Shirley :))
beautiful and touching.nice to read.love this poem voted10 surya.
forget the past, start a new life, new love but be sure you're on the right highway, no traffic, well paved road and you'll be all right. Brilliant verses, smooth flow. Well penned, bro.
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