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A Destruction Of Humanity
(1984 / 'Lowell, Mass.')

A Destruction Of Humanity

Remorse is a believer, face the quiet titles
Lust has overgrown and noticed,
only by readers of the bible,

Living has been an understatment
but will be worth what we tell
we celebrate this, just forgot to send it.

Could they be wrong about 'god' and the stories?
Could they be wrong about the history behind it?
How could a 'god' so great, fall from all glories?

Mistreatment, Endowment, and Repentence
nothing outside this circle, is normal
except for the lack of universal sence.

Sagacity, is the end of all things sound.
understanding all, truly knowing nothing.
The Great Paradox, unsightly profound.

One great boom and gust of air and timing
leaving all the world a smoldering shell
looking above for answer while your dying
Amatory painlessness, will end in reality's 'hell'.

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