A Devil Through The Night

Poem By queen of mournful

a devil comes to my dreams
every single night
a devil comes from no where
and stay with me
a devil i love
made my days go dark
a devil so handsome that i want it to stay
but i wants my love to go away
a devil whom i met
made me go insaine
filled my heart with my love
and made me want to be dead
a devil who is so selfish
never talked to me
but let me wish to talk to it
a devil broke my heart
with its great smile
i felt weak inside
a devil i want it so bad
so sweet like a blue river
a devil made me its slave
without rewarding me with its heaven
adevil let me love it
and then left me confused
with its great power
i wanted its love not mine
a devil i never knew
wether it love me or not
but still i want it
to talk to mefor no end
a devil has all i wish for
dont want to love me more
a devil filled my heart with power
and wanting its love not mine
a devil seems to be a guy
let me wish to be dead
adevil never showed its feeling
though i opened my heart wide
a devil rush through me
like sun rays through the sky
let me feel alive
and never let me rest in peace
adevil never came to me in the crowd
a devil let my tears fall down
a devil seems to be my prince charming

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