(21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

A Dialogue Between A Bird And Me

When in the midst of river
As open in the autumn shiver
I sit down upset and smoke
From the distance of little folk
Thereby in the silence a song I heard
And somewhere I saw a singing bird

Say something ‘O' you Hunter?
What makes you upset and thunder

Is it, seems all around His mystery?
Then He made it with grave and uncertainty
Is it, you are lost in two's?
Then in between you have to choose
Is it, you lost the dearest one
Then how is history's done
Is it, the mean and evil leads?
Then He loves testing good deeds
Is it, the love syndrome
Then convert towards His throne
Is it, the winter, the summer or moon
Then look at me my days are June

No little bird-Hunter but I am not
And now, I do not what I forgot
I saw lofty trees begin to fade
Beneath the branches no afternoon shade
Full blooms but in vain
Rose and lily weep and rain
Clouds they don't bring for thirsty
But dissolve in smoke and dirty
There is no snowfall
No chill, no ski and no snow-ball
I saw April dead blossoms and bough
Men now, they don't follow the plough

Oaks and moths, grass and worms
Buried into void by blood storms
I saw sun from December to May
I saw April enjoying holiday

Say something ‘O' you little bird
What makes now you absurd?

I live in woods, my family and friend
It once was where sorrows end
A place like heaven where all my kin
Fly and played before men came in
To cast shadows, my nest, my woody land
I wash their blood with my own hand
Bats, butterflies, bulbul our world is mute
Owls gone, midnights and moonlights, no hoot
For my woody land men killing men
Tell us the same where to go then?

We call it civilization
Where there is nature's exploitation
We call it modernization
Where there is no plantation
There was a time we used to get together
Wintery nights with family and grandmother
Around candle light to listen her old fairy tale
Kings, knights, horses, warriors, wars, and vale
Silent cold nights are gone
So is Autumn River wandering on

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A nice piece....perfect imagery... Thanks for sharing...
Verily, We call it civilization Where there is nature's exploitation
Ver; y explicit and intense emotional poem filled with the truth of humanity's sins, destroying all that God has created! Conversation with the bird was very poignant and telling! Excellent poem portraying how man is killing nature everywhere. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn