A Challenge To The Dark

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ****
shot like a flower in the dance

amazing how death wins hands down
amazing how much credence is given to idiot forms of life

amazing how laughter has been drowned out
amazing how viciousness is such a constant

I must soon declare my own war on their war
I must hold to my last piece of ground
I must protect the small space I have made that has allowed me life

my life not their death
my death not their death…

by Charles Bukowski

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If I say that I have understood this poem, honestly saying, I would be telling a lie. But thanks anyway to Susan Williams, for her comment, which helped me to guess what this poem is about.
Bradstreet certainly knew English history, a country she considered to be the mother of her new homeland in America. and was very concerned that the bitter strife between Protestants and Catholics that caused such deep division and destruction in England might travel over to her new home.
if i only knew english
a beautiful poem.. from a great poetess. tony
Of course the poem is lengthy but beautiful and meaningful.
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