I Will Cool You

I would take a yellow bandana from Texas and fold it around ice,
and bath your arms and legs with the gentle touch of love.
Plant a weeping willow in your garden to shadow your window,
and open every sill to the cool night air.
Fan you with hope and move the air till it blows soft and cold,
and feather your bed with the lightest of breeze.
Blow sirocco kisses to sooth your hot skin.
I will cool you, if you lay warm beside me

by Alexander Downie

Comments (7)

Lines like... I summon to the winding ancient stair; Set all your mind upon the steep ascent, Upon the broken, crumbling battlement, Upon the breathless starlit air, ........... are the kinds of lines that linger like an echo in your mind.
A Dialogue of Self and Soul is one of the greatest poems in the English language.
........this write is so full of meaning....definitely needs to be read more than once....enjoyed...
A nice poem to read and reread. Good for the soul to go back to Yeats
If you're gonna be enough of a jackass to imply that your mind is already so enlightened that to open it any further is an extraordinary feat, at least learn how to use the word is properly. People like Amy are why arty people are justifiably despised.
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