P. A. R. S. A.

Present your works with love!
According to the truth;
Respecting all mankind,
Servitude and attitude to enhance the status of life!
Able to live in peace.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (5)

This is one of the most beautiful, glorious poem I have ever read.. You moved my spirit within two lines, and had me spiritual about the third paragraph. ."Man. But as I can see no merit Leading to this favour, So the way to fit me for it Is beyond my savour. As the reason, then, is Thine, So the way is none of mine;I disclaim the whole design; Sin disclaims and I resign. God the Sovereign is glorified when His people trust Him through every circumstance... truly trust Him, believing that He is super good, all the time.. Thank you so much and watch your faith, up close and real. Thank you for sharing your heart in these powerful words. 10..
I love the spiritual approach in this poem😊😊
Who for man was sold can see! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Such a nice spiritual poem by George Herbert......
God is Super Controller and he is our sweetest father. He is the sweetest savior. Lending to his favour we find righteous path in life. His glory we sing every day. This is outstanding poem.