CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

A Different Goodbye

As I release from my fingertips, what was an evil betrayal,
from the very start –
I say goodbye.

As the last tears are shed, and wasted,
alongside all of the, emotions sadly also spared –
I say goodbye.

As I look around, and now only shake my head, in disbelief
at the amount of bullshit, that was spoken and lived,
by one sad and nasty person –
I say goodbye.

As I think back, and recall all of the bad feelings, and guilt,
along with the added torment that you created as part of my life -
I say goodbye.

As I now choose to take all of your broken promises, and any
of the feelings I once felt for you, and find a dark empty pit,
to dump each and every one, so far from my memory,
not even near to my heart –
I say goodbye.

March 11th 2006

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I agree with Brian. Good riddance to bad rubbish in life. Great writ of Lit kind woman of the rhyming write. Ya got an easy ten fro' thee. God bless all poets-MJG.
Charmaine, I'd say good riddance... and also - good poem! Well done! ! Brian