Fading Away.

We had reached
such high
romantic places.
But pressures
of life meant
we couldn't make it.

And from hearing
your voice,
every day
I now
have to bear
lonliness bravely.

The thoughts of you
always within
my mind
Are fading,
along with your smile
I find.

I cannot erase
you though
from my heart,
Nor do I want to,
and that's
the hard part.

What reaches
the soul stays there,
it seems.
Our love
will forever
colour my dreams.

While we had time
our star
burned so brightly.
It will take
light years
to vanish outright.

by Fay Slimm

Comments (2)

I agree with Brian. Good riddance to bad rubbish in life. Great writ of Lit kind woman of the rhyming write. Ya got an easy ten fro' thee. God bless all poets-MJG.
Charmaine, I'd say good riddance... and also - good poem! Well done! ! Brian