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A Different Look
(04 Jan 1957 / Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.)

A Different Look

Poem By Asit Kumar Sanyal

I have analyzed Indian voters
Their mind, intention, motive
From many angles
And different corners
I have finally divided them
Into three categories
'Dog' voters
'Cat' voters
And 'Rat' voters
Here is the justification.

A dog voter represents
The character of a dog
a dog loves its master
And not the homestead,
A dog voter is also loyal
To his leader and not the party
If the leader changes party
He follows him
He is not bothered about party
A rightist voter is of this kind.

A Cat sticks to the homestead
It's not loyal to its master
If master leaves the house
The cat does not follow him
It remains there
A cat voter have the same character
If leader leaves the party
The voter does not
He or she loves the party
A leftist voter behaves like a cat.

The rat voters are different
They are neither for leader
Nor for the party
They are the opportunist
And behave like the rats
Wherever they get foodstuff
Jump on it
They are the mass
And they only write
The future of political parties.

New Delhi

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Nice one and putting in proforma of voters nice job