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A Different Shipyard
(04 Jan 1957 / Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.)

A Different Shipyard

Poem By Asit Kumar Sanyal

So far I have worked
With four Indian shipyards
Three of them Defence PSUs
Produce warships for the nation
From decades
Located at east and west coasts
And they commissioned many warships
Light and heavy
They all of cooperating nature
Decent, helpful, progressive
And have positive attitude on all fronts
Never go on confrontation
With Navy.

The fourth one different from others
Making the first warship but bigger
Its nature different, attitude different
Located also at different coast
Keep the owner intense
Not under Defence
It's workmanship better
And good quality of job it meets
But it has a chronic problem
That spoils everything of its good
It makes the hole
At the bottom of the bowl
In which it eats.

New Delhi

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