A Different Sky Is Waiting

We’ve been in the rain so long
That our eyes are sore and red;
When joy is missing,
We gaze down too long at our feet
As we slowly walk through the city,
But there must be a different sky waiting
Offering love and inspiration.

Beneath these yellow factory skies,
Even the street lights look sadly dim,
Like our spiritual light within
Blurred by an affectionless life.

Things began to change
When I met you in a small bar
Not far from the school where you teach;
I saw Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass
Easing out of your purse,
I knew we had to talk.

As we spoke over drinks
In the early evening,
I felt loneliness begin to lift
Like dark persistent clouds
Being pushed aside by sunlight,
As if Walt Whitman were sending us
Prayers mingled with lilacs.

Indeed, there is a different sky waiting,
Azure blue and dazzling,
Inviting flowers to bloom
On romantic avenues
When two people finally find each other.

In my mind I have already seen
You smile in a summer dress
Beneath a different sky welcoming our love.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (27)

Our eyes are sore and red and missing joy is so sad. So, long the rain gazes upon mind. As we slowly walk through the city the different sky offers the support. Beneath the sky love welcomes us. Inviting flowers to bloom weather sings. This is an excellent poem well penned with rich imagery....10
In my mind, I have already seen you, wow.
Great poem. encouraging word about the future. Great.
This reminded me of a song by the Eagles, No More Cloudy Days, a favorite if mine....as now, too, your lovely write. PEACE
True and sincere dedication with wonderful references. Just excellent. Best wishes. A.
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