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A Different Type Of Love
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A Different Type Of Love

Poem By Beth Seigels

He held her close as they said goodbye
But she could tell by the spark in his eye

It was not over, no not for them
They’d be together ‘till the very end

Later on, the time had past
And there was still hope that they might last

She remised while she sat alone
Wondering if he’d answer the phone

She needed him back just to hold her hand
To see his bright eyes his body so tanned

So with no fear she jumped ahead
And called him that night while alone in her bed

Hello she said with her heart beating fast
Finally she heard his voice at last

Hello he answered with that familiar tone
She was flustered could barley hold up the phone

I missed you she said as soft as she could
I wish I could see you, that would be good

Wait who is this? he asked looking lost
She was stood there upset with her arms tightly crossed

Oh she replied, shouting it out
He didn’t now what she was talking about

He was never in love and he cheated her heart
He broke it and tore it and ripped it apart

She soon caught on that she wasn’t his one
She had enough they were over and done

He rudely said well I got to go
She held back her tears so he wouldn’t know

She once had loved him with all her heart
He’d be with her even when they were apart

That night he did nothing like he usually did
Feeling nothing no sympathy his heart he had hit

More time went on and they both moved on too
Was their love fake or was it all true

When love is not given back what is it called
Is it love or is it nothing at all

Don’t settle for someone who treats you unfair
Settle for someone who loves and takes care

Because deep down loves always in your heart
Whether it fades, or dies or breaks apart

The people who put smile on your face
Are the people in your life you can’t replace

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