A Different World

Try to imagine a World so different,
Whereas, the minority was filled with Caucasians.
Or better yet, America never won their Revolution.
Now that's an idea put into a deep thought.

Try to imagine a World so different,
Whereas, there was a bit more salvation and order,
In replace of all this chaos that's occurred,
For the ideal vision of what we have fought for.

The military didn't try to teach me to be a 'happy trigger.'
No, it expanded my lessons into something bigger,
A painted canvas of your choosing for the final picture.
The evolution that's developing behind the staged scene.

I'm not one against a college education,
But I know knowledge isn't just from books or institutions
Step away from the influential social madness
Of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and go smell the roses.

Embrace your vision and go with an open mind,
But realize there's more value with your own experiences,
Not just with one person's cultural side.
Isolation involves a reality of becoming too blind.

Try to imagine a world so different,
Try to envision a new world with no war,
Or no one made poor decisions to get locked up behind bars.
Human trafficking came to an end.

Try to imagine a world so different,
Whereas, unconditional love became the new trend.
No more homelessness and no more judgements.
Moms and Dads didn't disown their own sons and daughters.

©H.M. Gautsch

by H.M. Gautsch

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