A Different World

A different World to the Human world i grew up in the World of today
With many Governments with nuclear weapons at their disposal the price we do pay
For the advancement of human technology we must live with the fear
That the war to end all wars to us may be near
In a World where even democratically elected Governments use terrorism as an excuse
To condone the worst acts of human rights abuse
Such as water boarding and strip searching and without any hope of bail
For years without trial some are behind bars in jail
In a Human World where hundreds grow poorer for every new millionaire
Many do seem entitled to say life on them is not fair
All people are supposed to be equal but it is fair to say
When one looks at the increasing gap between the haves and the have not it does not seem this way
Those who applaud war on terror are not very wise
Since war creates more terrorists they do not seem to realize.

by Francis Duggan

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