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A Difficult Day On The Streets Of No End
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

A Difficult Day On The Streets Of No End

Poem By Not Long Left

the sense of loss,
the uncertain pain,
feet are sinking then are sunk,
emerged in summers untimely rain.
i stand,
buildings gaze down upon me,
with a force so violent, it makes me curse and stammer,
legs feel week crushed by this deppressive hammer.
So carefull not to miss an inch,
the cotton wool moves with such ease high in the skies,
the gods have been particular.
nature is in constant fault,
by man, machine, even by my thoughts-
as a poet i scribble down words,
happy with my achievement,
in turn a tree is hacked down,
stipped for the pleasure and pain,
of a poet,
who does not know yet.
the price and the cost and what is therefore lost.
The gods have been distracted,
the gates unguarded,
sleeping angels usless guards,
illegal entry into the white garden.
not yet have i tried such a selfish act,
but if these buildings continue to stare,
i shall no longer care,
the gods were mistaken,
with arragonce comes imperfections,
and the wordly pain,
is us the human stain.

in the deepest blue lagoon,
with the shadows from the moon,
there solace shall be found,
not a whisper, nor a sound,
no time, no age no disease,
a perfect place,
a saving grace,
forever empty even when full,
a poetic pathetic dream,
a vision, wordless, and worthless,
selfish and serial,
yet these thoughts offer me peace,
and help raise my feet from the ground,
the building's become toy miniatures,
and i smile,
if only for a while,
visual imagery is full of trickery,
you see,
i am shrinking,
and thinking
and thinking.

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Comments (3)

I have to tell you, and please don't take offense to this since I mean it as a high compliment..Your work tends to drag on, as a reader I feel as though i'm on a very ordinary journey, until I come across that one line that takes everything that might be ordinary, or dare I say mundane, and turns it into a very vibrant tapestry of layers of both reality and imagination. In order to fully capture the depth of your work one must dedicate a certain amount of time to explore each piece in hopes of discovering that one precious treasure that makes the entire time spent, a worth while cause. I'm afraid with many readers being as fickle as one can be, since this is the net and all, you may never have a large fan base..However, the one you will have, will be an honest one and I am happy to say I have joined in the likes of such people..Pen on! Always, Amberlee Carter P.S. The line in this piece that seemed to stop the world: ' the gods have been particular.' excellent writing...
At first I thought it to be a bit too long, but then I went back through it and have found that each line is quite necessary. A very introspective piece and quite engaging. Well done.
the perfection of Nature call us on raises us up defeats despair and in the end will endure a fantastic poem