(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Dilemma

It is so sad
when clarity
gives way to
frank befuddlement.
It is the brain
that cries for help.
In dire need of nutrients
that are not present
in daily meals of classes
lower than
all mankind ought
to tolerate.
The father drinks,
the mother soon,
by being helpless
slips into the mad morass
of tempting fumes
and nothing
even less
will ever matter
in present time,
or in an unknown future.
There is no family,
no one to care and share
your life and destiny,
so you must march alone.

Leaving a legacy
of ill-equipped
and wide-set eyes,
the surest sign
of FAS, oh yes,
it is the foetal
syndrome that,
related to
the pure and steady
consumption of the sauce.
And then, once time
has passed,
and wind has blown
to drown the voices
of bold reason,
the offspring
(because it can)
does copulate.
Bring to this world
inferior blood
and damaged genes.
And, does it show?

Yes, God allowed
(a day of slight confusion?) ,
the crud to live, '
which means he is naive,
or rules with soft
and whimpish fist.
Though not to worry,
I do not care,
and I have read
Mein Kampf
some time ago,
debating now
what need be done.
or plain shooting,
perhaps a pill of cyanide?
'Clean up this world',
have said so many,
referring to ethnicity.
The question is,
more urgently:
Do we have standards
in our humans
to live up to
and to uphold?
And if we do,
can we just kill
the scum
right where we find it?
To answer does require
not a searching of my soul,
or endless fretting.
A simple nod
may do today
for all tomorrows.

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I read this and all of the comments and I agree w/what has been stated. I too would have an abortion if it came to the point I found out my unborn baby had a deformity. It would be a hard choice but I would none the less. So many people for their own selfish reasons choose to continue a pregnancy when they know that there is a problem and then they use religion as their shield.
I agree with the idea you have in here to a point, cause I have seen what can happen. Though I am sure you have seen more than me considering you are a doctor. I know when I first became pregnant, My husband I both agreed that if our child had a genetic deformity...I would've had an abortion. This was probably more my choice than his. I know some would say that thought was wrong but I look at it this way...I will die one day and who would take care of my child when I die? Most people don't even consider this.
Very thoughtful. Like it
Dear Herbert, As a mother, humanatist and a fellow Libran, I find the questions that are raised by this poem far too complicated to answer. It is a worry (but a bloody good poem) .10
THis is a question that has to be seriously considered. Our World applies many standards. Countries with their own laws running their Governments in different ways. To be a woman in some African Countries means being having your sexual organs sliced so you cannot feel any sexual feelings. Being a woman in India can mean death for the woman if she runs out of dowery money or goods. Being a child in Australia means having no boundaries or old fashioned discipline. So no real depth of values. and SO ON. Your question is deep and very meaningful Herbert. It does befuddle the brain. 10
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