My Family

My family will forever be in my heart,
My sister's mean the world to me,
More than life,
All I ever wanted was a complete family,
To have a mother whom I never met,
My family will always remain who they are in my heart and soul,
My family is more important than my friends and my lover,
Family will always come first,
Family is family,
No matter what they did they'll always remain family.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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A speck of dust flies by instantly. Almost like time. good write
The more you read other good poems the more you improve. Read mine - On the Horns of the Moon - Adeline
Sometimes I wish I were dust. Blowing with the breeze and no need for a brain. Everyone needs a quiet corner, but usually by the time you get there you need to leave. Good write. I like the use of symbols.
A quiet place of solitude can be a wonderful place to reflect on fine thoughts or, at times, a terrible place of lonliness. I see it as something like a dream. When one wakes from a 'bad' dream he is relieved, but when he wakes from a 'good' dream he is disappointed. Either way the moment is gone. I really like this poem. My interpretation may be off but I really like it....10..Thanks Richard
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