GS (19/1/90 / birmingham (England))

Immortality, Perhaps?

In true Poetry
You feel
More than understand.

The spiritual magnetism
Is Undeniable,
A feel of Immortality,
Perfumes the air.

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Wonderful thought provoking stuff
A powerful write my friend that mages to touch all the bases. I surmise you are correct that childish curioisity was the reason for the dolll lying exposed to neglect
I started reading your poem as a poet or a critic would, but at the third or fourth line I became so ovewhelmed by its richness that I read the rest in peace, as I used to read the poems of the great ones when I was a student, full of awe. It is a masterpiece, and I will never forget this poem, or the dear doll.
Very nice...I remember, as a kid, being afraid of some of my just reminded me.