A Dishonorable Pair

One cannot say of young Fred that he lives an honourable life
Whilst his best friend is far away from home working he is making love to his wife
Unbeknown to her husband Steve his wife Jenny with his best friend is having a sexual affair
One can say of them they are a dishonorable pair
As is said when the cat is away the mice they will play
With Jenny and Fred it is surely this way
One can say of poor Steve that he does not know who his true friends are
From home he is working six hours by car
Whilst he is far away from home working his most trusted friend Fred
Is in his home with his wife Jenny having fun in bed
And since their affair is not on public show
Of the liasions between his wife and best friend perhaps Steve of will never know
And what you do not know will not bother you as the wise one does say
With Steve anyhow it is surely this way.

by Francis Duggan

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