A Dispute

When I feel like respite has greeted
My soul,
Wave like a roaring lion greeted
My soul.
I believe this is one of the hard things
My soul should bear,
I believe this is one of the sad pricks
My soul should dare.

How I wish you could understand
How sorrow dances in the heart
Which you have greatly pierced.
My soul loothes the barley and wheat
Just at the upsurge of this unwelcomed wave.
The more we fight it to halt,
The far away we are tossed high & low.

O trinity!
Save this soul of mine from woe(s) ,
Show this soul of mine its foe(s) ,
Then let mine heart
-dispute- free become.

by Meshack Dasco

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a poem from your inner soul and within your heart. Nicely done