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A Distant Land Of A Distant World
CR (20 January 1965 / Malaysia)

A Distant Land Of A Distant World

It so happened in a distant land of a distant world
A man of power runs the show of harvest
The law, though being one and the same
Yet, the poor man suffers while the powerful stood with arms folded.
The poor made to look like a lazy mare across the desert of cactus
While the powerfully rich, portrays a hard worker with money weighing his walk
A long wide stride the powerful survivalist took across the life
Leaving the poor, a shadow frail failing to follow the rich strides, powerful.

Within the mind both speak the language of the same stock
Thirst, hunger, pain, pleasure, good and bad
Yet the external game, plays a story of complete opposite
In thirst the powerful man having a bath of wine
Whereas the poor man pours it over
with his saliva filling half the glass;
In hunger the powerful become the ruler over food
Whereas the poor soul of darkened skin serves the food
with his sweat salting the food.

So goes the life of the two from the distant land of a distant world
The rich a comfort beyond comprehension with uncomfortable mind
yet he feels he live a life beyond heaven.
The poor a discomfort life, with a comfortable mind
But he knows in heaven he lives, forever.

The poor,
Having nothing to worry about the game of winning and losing
his hardened bones take him along the chores of life
He earns a little, he live simple leaving him ample of peace.
The powerful in deep worries he succumbed
Like a wounded cougar he scarcely close his eyelids
Ever vigilant to protect the amassed wealth from scoundrels
His earnings become his worries
and in hell he lives unhappily, ever.

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Powerful, evocative and also very poignant. Reminds me of the Biblical story of Lazarus and the rich man. Food for thought indeed. Kindest regards, Sandra