A Distorted Mirror

</>The clocks, suddenly have stopped,
My alarm goes off all day,
The world has passed- who could last
With angels for company?

Something's wrong-I don't belong
Does everyone feel this way?
Why people do as I think
And act out all I say?

Is beyond reality
And I am not sure if they're real
Or if I am still in the world
Or ever was-has it changed?

Am I just beginning
To see beyond ignorance?
I think it was meant to be
The impossible-destiny,
A proof of omnipresence...
(Or lack o common sense) ...


by Romeo Della Valle

Comments (9)

Am I just beginning To see beyond ignorance, very deep, , , , , i can see the words.....10
nice... seems like a story of my life..
Wow thank you for bringing this up for me. It is mind bending self awakening. Poem brings the reader to the character. I like the rhythm also. Thank You for visiting and reading my poem too.
This one is great. A sense of humor and questioning what is real and what is not. Are you here or not? Is this real or not> these are the images that this poem brought up for me. I like this one a lot. Very nicely written and very thought provoking
Hmmm, 'A proof of omnipresence... (Or lack o common sense) ... ' a vicious accusation and at the same time a compelling plea to create questions far more powerful than sacred. Pure poetry, excellent work!
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