HZK ( / Karachi, Pakistan)

A Divine Gift

How blessed I have been since childhood
To have a bond of love so sincere
So to an influx of joy I did adhere
When nature bonded me in sisterhood

I plunged into the pond of delight
When the news sounded in my ear
That a gift from heaven; my sister is here
Adorned is the vision! exclaimed my sight

To behold an angel, so fair so pure
Arousing ecstasy, encased in beauty
With eyes so pristine, limbs so dainty
This fairy on earth made me believe in lore

I received greetings from the skies
As I took the delicate her in my hands
My first ever friend I found in these lands
Glinting were her smiles, beguiling her cries

Since then we're together, pearls of joy we gather
She gives me love, I return with care
Makes me do things that alone I wouldn't dare
Good or bad, she stands by me in every weather

Yes, I know how much she is valuable and dear
Among the treasures of land and sea
Many are the jewels that I see
Yet more precious than all is my sister

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Comments (3)

'Many are the jewels that I see Yet more precious than all is my sister' - A nice poem with a nice ending, enjoyed.
The sister sentiment is very touching and the language is exqisite and very well structured poem. wonderfull Hareem Bhai....10
Trully a blessing from above!