A Divine Transformation....

What am i?
Without you
A heap of muscle and nerve
Linked to a set of bones

What is my heart?
Without you
An evolutionary asset
A developed vein
To pump blood

What is my world?
Without you
A chaotic place
Full of pretences
Virtual abberrations

Oh ye the owner of my soul
Its you....
And your everlasting love
That makes me alive

My heart becomes a divine abode
With your love
In your love
Its your light of love
That radiates within me
Makes me shine like the full moon
My world turns happy

Your love woke me up
From the deep slumber
I had been in since long
A sleep like that of dead

Oh ye the master of my being
I want to lose my self
In your being
Unite with you
For the rest of eternity
For i am only
If there is you...

by Aakash Nengroo

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