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A Dog's Tale For M' Lady Ernestine
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Dog's Tale For M' Lady Ernestine

A dog’s tale

A small dog shows his loyalty
he sleeps beside his master grave.
By his own choice he is quite free
to seek the home he does not have.

He leaves his post by morning light
and sallies forth in search of food.
Where he is greeted with delight
by children from the neighbourhood.

Polite and friendly he’ll accept
what ever scraps may come his way.
The people know by night he slept
beside his masters grave, he lay.

This duty although self imposed
he carried out until he died
Though no one at that time supposed
his fame would spread, become world wide.

Granted freedom of the city
by order of the Lord Provost.
A reward for his constancy
an honour very few can boast.

Epitome of loyalty
this small dog earned his world wide fame.
By keeping vigil faithfully.
Grey Friars Bobby was his name.

His statue stands for all to see.
Today keeps vigil in his stead
but Bobby has gone hopefully
to lie beside his master’s bed.

The tourists come from far and wide
to view his statue and to see
the place where Bobby lived and died
in Greyfriars cemetery.


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Comments (14)

Beautifully done, beautifully worded, wonderful timing thanks for sharing another to enjoy michael
Nice tale indeed....realy moved by the ending tho...thanks..well expressed10++
i love the flow of words and the perfect rhyme scheme good work
sir igor, very well rhymed, let alone the content about this famous dog.
wish humans were as loyal as dogs..esp the loyalty u potray in this piece. grand read, grand content, grand rhyme. word
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